Questions with Elisabetta Canali

The communications director of the brand Canali gives her take on menswear.

Meet Elisabetta Canali, communications director for the global menswear label Canali. As the third generation in the family biz, she knows a thing or two about Italian style. So we asked her to weigh in.

Q: What does “Made in Italy” mean to you?

A: I think it’s not just a label but a heritage that you transfer into the things you do. It is not a matter of principle but an imperceptible kind of perfection you can only reach with high knowledge of craft. It takes dedication, many resources, a hint of romantic attitude and, above all, the passion for things properly done.

Q: How do you honor the family heritage of your business?

A: Tenacity is something we are distinguished by, and this has been at the base of the business since we were established, in 1934.

Q: What’s it like to be a woman in the old-school world of menswear?

A: We sometimes forget all the women who play a vital role in the men’s industry, such as Miuccia Prada, Angela Missoni and Anna Zegna. From tailoring to design, I think it’s always been important to have a feminine presence for balance. Looking at a man through a woman’s eyes could make him more desirable. Is this not what male designers have been doing for womenswear all along?

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