Punch Hutton’s Shift Dresses

Hannah Thomson

The deputy editor of Vanity Fair launches a collection of dresses that are fun, stylish and won't break the bank.

“I’ve always liked a simple, clean, well-edited wardrobe,” says Punch Hutton, deputy editor of Vanity Fair and founder of a new collection of shift dresses that keep up with a Wonder Woman schedule like her own. “You can wear these to work, then throw on a different shoe or necklace and go into night. That’s what I wanted to do: create a uniform.” Hutton enlisted Voravit Lapnarongchai, former designer for Derek Lam, to help execute her vision. Together they chose eight flawless silhouettes—one for every day of the week, plus a dressier version—that were all made in New York’s Garment District and proudly bear the “Punch” label, her signature embroidered in red. Hutton first tested the concept on friends and colleagues, hosting trunk shows in New York’s Mark Hotel and L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel. “People are like, ‘A side project? You have a kid, a husband and a job.’ But I just believe in the idea,” says the effervescent Hutton. “And women love shifts! The response has been overwhelming.”

For a trunk show schedule, e-mail info@thepunchcollection.com.