Milan Style

Bespoke umbrellas and Tito Pedrini on cuff links.

Cuff links are very personal. If a man is in a gray suit and white shirt, you see his tastes in his tie and cuff links. My jewelry line actually started with cuff links. I always wanted to wear understated gemstones, but I could only find them with uninteresting silver chains. I wear my Rotondi rock-crystal links every day—they’re colorless, so they go with anything. —Tito Pedrini

A man doesn’t need a bespoke umbrella with a cherrywood handle—until, that is, he’s caught in the rain. Then he’ll want to visit 150-year-old Ditta Maglia Francesco, where sixth-generation Francesco Maglia is training to take over the business. Choose from tartans, jacquards, pinstripes and nine natural woods. Umbrellas start at $200; Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 194; —Maud Doyle