Kobe Bryant Collaborates with Hublot on a New Collector's Timepiece

Courtesy of Hublot

The basketball star and Swiss watchmaker release a limited-edition timepiece inspired by wine and sport.

Kobe Bryant, as the saying goes, only gets better with age—a trait that's earned him the nickname “Vino" among his peers. The cheeky moniker is the inspiration behind Bryant's latest timepiece collaboration with Hublot, the sporty-chic watchmaker that takes pride in celebrating fusion (the Classic Fusion is one of their best-selling styles). With Bryant they've managed to merge three seemingly disparate fields—wine, watches, and shooting hoops—in one handsome piece.

“Making wine is a certain process,” Bryant explains. “It’s a certain attention to detail, a certain patience that you have to learn. Which is the same in watchmaking, the same as how I play my game. Especially now, to live up to being ‘Vino’ there are a lot of little things I have to pay attention to…it’s all about the process.”

Certainly, there was a lot of exacting work that went into the new Big Bang “Vino,” which updates the classic Hublot style with a retrograde chronograph designed to time the two 48 minute halves of a basketball game; it’s the first movement created to time the sport. A burgundy dial and python strap nod to the piece’s spirited inspiration. Available with either a black ceramic case (limited edition of 200) or gold case (limited edition of 100), the “Vino” is a collectible for watch fans and oenophiles alike—and it’s guaranteed to last longer than that bottle of Chateau Margaux.