Keep Time with Red Watches

Courtesy Breitling

This season’s red watches are a bright, bold alternative to heavily complicated timepieces of the past.

Not that long ago, wearing a so-called “flashy” timepiece was synonymous with donning a wrist covered in diamonds or a no-holds-barred tourbillon. We ourselves have never been blingsters, but we do like the idea of an aggressive statement watch, so when red showed up at this year’s Baselworld watch fair, we took note. Not bad, not bad at all, we thought. The best of them, featured here, are assertive, commanding—yes, even stealth—in their use of up-to-date technology. They’re also built by serious watchmakers with serious intentions. Worn with a gray pinstripe, say, for work or with something more casual for play, The Big Red Ones are masterpieces of 24/7 with a decidedly classic but witty riff on what’s modern now.