Fresh Spring Menswear


New takes on classic warm-weather pieces.

Admittedly, winter is a great season for guys who love
clothes. Hefty, luxurious coats, along with the array of accessories needed to
brave the cold, make for enjoyable dressing—at least in the beginning. By this
time of year, though, most men are sick of piling on the layers.

Luckily, warm weather is right
around the corner—and with it, the opportunity to literally throw off the
thick, dark trappings of winter. As fashion blogger Derek Guy (of Die, Workwear! and Put This On says, “Spring is the time for men to reintroduce color into their wardrobe.
Brighter colors and linen are to spring what earth tones and tweed are to

The season of new beginnings is
also a great time to push the fashion envelope—just a little. Certain
tried-and-true menswear pieces are classic for spring, and with good reason.
But this year, why not try putting a new spin on traditional favorites? A new
suede loafer (worn sockless, of course) looks even newer in an unexpected color
combination: bold navy with a shocking yellow sole. And traditional khaki
chinos get a big style boost in their newest incarnation: slim cargo trousers.

Of course, trying something
of-the-moment shouldn’t have to mean skimping on quality… so we’ve collected
pieces here from brands that take their craftsmanship seriously. We wouldn’t be
surprised if they become wardrobe staples for the next spring—and the next.