Donald Robertson: Illustrated Man

Neil Rasmus/

Having posted some of the best Instagrams around, this behind-the-scenester has found himself thrust in the public eye.

By day, Donald Robertson may work as the head of global creative development for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, but the former magazine creative director moonlights as one of Instagram’s most popular—and prolific—artists. Since establishing his @DonaldDrawbertson account in November 2012, Robertson has posted enough high-impact, fashion-centric compositions to line a runway, amassing a following of 54,000-plus people (including movers and shakers like Zac Posen and Iman). Whether he’s sharing a stylized rendition of Raf Simons’s latest collection for Dior or a colorful doodle made for his close friend Lisa Perry, it’s easy to see how Robertson’s artistic prowess, which recalls the heyday of fashion illustration, has attracted so much attention on the app that makes even the most inept photographer seem like a pro. But his multimedia pieces, which he crafts primarily from gaffer tape, acrylic paint and Sharpies, aren’t just for recreational visual consumption—they’re also for sale. With a limited selection now available on the Trendabl app and website, original Robertsons may well be among the must-have pieces of the season. From $1,800;