Chic Rainwear for Fall

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Update your water-resistant wardrobe with these stylish items, and you’ll cheer at the first sound of thunder.

Summer may be over, but there’s some good news, too: Autumn storms are on their way.

After all, the promise of inclement weather means that it's time to update your rainwear. This fall, the best new boots, coats and umbrellas are as chic as they are practical, so there’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort.

The latest entries also have a flair for the creative. Burberry, the biggest name in raincoats, has a new men’s piece worth collecting: a hip, zip-up jacket in brown with pops of color, by way of a red lining and purple hood. Underneath, go fully waterproof with the mind-blowing, water-repelling Beckett suit from Samuelsohn, a combination of traditional tailoring and new technology.

If you’re planning a trip somewhere rainy, take along a pair of Hunter’s packable rain boots, which fold down so well that they can be tucked neatly into a suitcase. Or, try out Karl Lagerfeld’s rubber waterproof version, which puts a cheeky spin on biker boots, complete with studded belts and a thick, gripped heel.

But the heart of any rain gear collection is, of course, the umbrella, and a few new ones stand out from the crowd.

Here are 10 luxurious pieces—bumbershoots, jackets and more—that will help put a smile on your face on even the cloudiest of days.