Class Act of the Week: Sia

Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

The singer-songwriter sheds her wigs, bows, and hats to reveal a new, fearless public persona.

Another day, another LAX celebrity sighting, another athleisure look. Wednesday’s storyline was different, however, when musician Sia was spotted navigating the Los Angeles airport en route to Dubai, where she is expected to headline the World Cup on Saturday. The pop star was, and this is rare, wig free. Since her 2011 breakout (for co-writing and singing on David Guetta’s “Titanium”) the 41-year-old has managed to disguise herself from the public eye beneath an oversized, black-and-white bob. Here, Sia not only reveals the glowing, unblemished skin and honey-blonde hair, but also her keen fashion sensibility. 

Anticipating the 15-hour Emirates flight ahead of her, Sia sported nude (now sold-out) sweatpants and a matching crop-top by Parisian fashion house, Kenzo. Maintaining the same neutral palette, the Aussie accessorized with a soft pink tote, bleach white Nike Air Max’s, and a naturally glossed lip. While undoubtedly fashion-forward, Sia’s look shows off more than her attunement to trends; it lays bare and unadulterated the fresh-faced woman beneath the wig.