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George Clooney’s Personal Tailor Partnered With Swarovski to Create Sparkly Evening Jackets Perfect for the Holidays

‘tis the season to sparkle.

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The holidays are the perfect time to shine—and we mean that quite literally. There’s an unwritten rule in fashion that end-of-year festivities call for a little sparkle so if you’re wondering how to add some shimmer to your outfits without ending up looking like a Christmas tree, Richard James Savile Row has you covered, gentlemen.

The celebrity-favorite brand (Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Daniel Craig are all fans), which is known to be somewhat of a rebel among the traditional ateliers on London’s famous Savile Row, has basically won the holidays by partnering with Swarovski to create custom evening pieces. The inspiration for the sparkly collaboration came about when Richard James, co-founder of the brand, dressed Sir Elton John for his Las Vegas 'Million Dollar Piano’ show that ran from 2011 until 2018. James created every single outfit for the show using Swarovski crystals, and so, the idea for the partnership was born.

The brand offers its customers three pre-made patterns: Random Sparkles which is “a subtle sprinkling of all-over crystals,” Gradient—with crystals gradually decreasing from the hem of the jacket up to the waist, and Star Burst—galaxy-like bursts or crystals sprinkled all over the jacket.

Of course, this being a bespoke service, the options are truly limitless. So if you’re the creative type, you can come up with your own design and work with the Richard James Savile Row team to make it a reality. And since we mentioned bespoke, whether you opt for a custom jacket or a suit, the garments will be made from scratch. The crystals are always hand applied before the piece is constructed which makes them last much longer. Finally, you can choose between three crystal shades: jewel-like Amethyst, blue Montana, and dark Black Diamond.

"I couldn't think of a more shining example on how to show a clearer representation of confidence, style, and creativity than with these bespoke Swarovski evening wear pieces,” Richard James told us.

While the process takes several weeks from start to finish (so you must hurry up), and includes up to three fittings, the result, in our opinion will totally brighten up your day (and holiday evenings).

Prices start at $2,000 and go up to $11,000. To order our own sparkly piece, visit the brand’s New York store or head to their London Bespoke boutique.


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