Coco's Petit Ami

Courtesy of Chanel

Chanel's new Boy.Friend watch carries masculinity with feminine grace.

Back in 1925, Mademoiselle set herself—and all women—free with her loose cardigan jacket, tailored trousers, and classic brogues, all no doubt cribbed from
the closets of handsome beaux, notably Boy Capel and the Duke of Westminster. This month Coco’s man friends are back, by way of a new watch. At 27 and 29 millimeters, Chanel’s new Boy.Friend dovetails with the unisex-timepiece trend of late, while maintaining both X and Y appeal. B.F’s oversized face and alligator strap veer masculine, while the soft curves of the dial and long, sleek shape of the case (reminiscent of the house’s Première) add just the right amount of Venus—for the Chanel woman who wears the pants but carries a quilted 2.55.

Chanel Boy.Friend watch debuts September 1, from $12,500; Chanel boutiques worldwide.