Loro Piana’s Latest Collection Took Over a Decade of Cashmere Harvesting

© Giulio Di Sturco

Italian luxury clothier Loro Piana celebrates ten years of using incredibly rare baby cashmere with a capsule collection.

With extremes, comes beauty. That’s Loro Piana’s approach when it comes to cashmere, anyway. And their cashmere isn’t just any cashmere—it’s sourced from goats on Inner Mongolia’s Alashan mountains who have developed a double-layered fleece (a coarse outer layer protecting an incredibly fine under fleece from harsh winters and scorching summers). Since 1995, the Italian brand has been working with local goat herders to perfect the fiber to the point of production. The key, they found, was to harvest the fleece only once in a goat’s lifetime, before the kid turns one year old, and only in June when its protective layer naturally sheds. The result: an extremely rare and ultra-soft fiber.


© Giulio Di Sturco


Now, a decade since the first baby cashmere pieces were produced, Loro Piana celebrates the brand’s history and relationship with the key fiber by launching a capsule collection, Baby Cashmere Jubilee. The all-white lineup features both mens- and womenswear. For the men: a Sussex scarf with a maxi check pattern or a diamond intarsia turtleneck. And for the women: four styles including two turtlenecks, a bomber, and a pair of trousers. The classic silhouettes incorporate cable knitting, rib stitching, and details such as mink lining.

The entire collection is available in-stores now.