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Upgrade Your Apple Watch With These Stylish Bands

Give your Apple Watch a stylish edge with these unique bands.


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Apple watch bands aren't hard to find and even seem to come in nearly every color, but the truly high-quality watch straps––the ones that will hold up for as long as you need them to––are few and far between. It can be hard to know the difference, especially when ordering online, between well-made Apple watch bands and those that will likely fall apart within the month. While you'll always know where to go if and when you need repairs on the watch itself (Apple, of course), you never want to risk damaging your smartwatch by entrusting the integrity of a questionable watch band. Treat your timepiece right with an equally as reliable and high-quality wrist band.

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Whether you prefer a clean and simple look, or something with a bit more flair, we've scoured the market for the top choices in Apple watch bands for both men and women. We've also considered the top brands when it comes to leather work and superior craftsmanship, so you'll never have to leave your watch hanging by (what might as well be) a thread again.

Fendi, Selleria Studded Watch Strap

This whimsical Apple watch strap features interchangeable lucite multicolored studs for a unique look and feel.

To buy: $350;

Shinola, Oxblood Alligator Watch Strap

Trusted USA-based leatherwork brand Shinola has a comprehensive collection of leather Apple watch straps, but this Oxblood Alligator strap is as refined as it is attention-grabbing.

To buy: $225;

Etsy, Rose Gold Watch Bracelet

Add a touch of elegance to your rose gold Apple watch with a matching stainless steel rose gold band.

To buy: $60;

Hermès, Apple Watch + Strap

Upgrade your Apple watch and/or your strap to the utmost in luxury Apple gear with this Hermès x Apple collaboration.

To buy: $1,400 for watch, case, and strap;

Michele Watches, Stainless Steel Seven-Link Watch Bracelet

This 16mm stainless steel watch band will elevate your Apple watch, making it the perfect accessory for a professional, even formal, menswear ensemble.

To buy: $200;

SONAMU, Leather Apple Watch Strap

Well-reviewed and available in a variety of colors, this leather Apple watch band keeps it simple and chic.

To buy: $100;

Kate Spade, Vachetta Leather Strap

This neutral leather strap is perfect for every-day wear but dressed-up enough for more sophisticated occasions.

To buy: $68;

Fossil, Apple Watch Strap

While Fossil has its own brand of smartwatches, they support the Apple watch movement with this classic brown leather strap.

To buy: $40;

Coach, Apple Watch Strap

A clean-lined leather Apple watch band that takes your current black strap look to the next level.

To buy: $175;

Casetify, Matisse Apple Watch Strap

This made-to-order, hand-inspected strap is perfect for anyone looking for a unique, Matisse-inspired (but totally wearable) strap for their Apple watch.

To buy: $56;


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