One To Watch: Walters Faith Jewelry

David Katz / Walters Faith

A one-year-old brand with a trim line of fine, masculine-leaning designs is looking toward the future.

“We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel,” starts Mollie Good, one half of the Walters Faith duo and the designer behind the year-old fine jewelry brand. “What we are trying to do is create classic, timeless pieces that a woman anywhere from 20 years old to 80 years old can wear with what she already owns,” finishes Stephanie Abramow, the business half of the team.

The two women first met while working in the jewelry business, bonding over their love of sturdier, more masculine-leaning fine jewelry. An idea was hatched and the brand, which gets its name from a combination of their middle names, was born, releasing its first streamlined collection of handsome sterling silver and gold pieces last winter after a year of development. Both born and raised in the tri-state area, Good and Abramow make their pieces in New York and cast local women (Harpers Bazaar editor Amanda Weiner Alagem, brand strategist Susan Sokol) in their campaigns.

Only in its first year, the Walters Faith line has caught the eye of retailers like New York’s buzzy concept jewelry shop Material Good and digital jewelry mecca Swoonery. The collection ranges from pared-back pieces like a silver chain link ring ($155; to big-ticket items like a satisfyingly weighty rose gold and white diamond chain link bracelet ($24,950; Some of their strongest pieces are their most simple: A substantial pendant, in the pair’s signature hexagonal shape, spread with champagne diamonds and tied to a simple cord, shines due to its versatility—it goes with black tie just as easily as a white T.    

Having received a warm reception, the brand is looking to expand, offering more one-of-a-kind diamond-set pieces—catch them online and in-stores over the next few months—and items for men. “We kept getting requests for larger sizes of our rings, and it feels like the natural next step given our sometimes masculine aesthetic,” Good explains. Luckily, guys won’t have to wait long: Walters Faith has already started gifting a pair of coordinating cufflinks to the bridegroom of every woman who designs a bespoke piece.