Who Will Be the New Rei Kawakubo?

Meet the next big names in Japanese fashion.

Courtesy Bed JW Ford
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Bed J.W. Ford

Bed J.W. Ford, founded by Shinpei Yamagishi and Keisuke Kosaka, is a menswear label that deftly and daringly blends casual daytime garb with an evening-like attention to detail and fabrication. (The duo cites Tokyo’s myriad walks of life as inspiration behind their mash-up.) Bed J.W. Ford’s Fall collection demonstrates a master stroke in color and construct—see a mustardy velvet baseball jacket, cropped to the ribcage, and a lumpen outside gray knit jumper flecked with yellow cobwebs. What Yamagishi and Kosaka (neither of whom went to school to formally study fashion, mind you) sell is cool, quirky, and individual. Plus, they’re still relatively underground (though they have a devoted fanbase), but watch this space as they step into the bigger, global spotlight.