One Perfect Find: Hannah Martin x Simon Teakle Cameo Necklace

Courtesy Simon Teakle / Hannah Martin

A fine jewelry collaboration between an unlikely pair brings new life to an antique piece.

Simon Teakle, the esteemed estate jeweler with a shop in tony Greenwich, Connecticut, and Hannah Martin, a young London-based jewelry designer with a rakish jet-black coif, seem like an odd couple at first glance. But, after meeting through a mutual friend, the two found common ground in their shared passion for rare jewelry of the highest quality.

Teakle, who spent twenty years at Christie’s, is known for procuring a diverse array of exquisite jewels and objets—from Edwardian earrings to Art Deco desk clocks—that has made his Connecticut shop a destination for discerning collectors. After graduating from Central St. Martins, Martin established her brand in 2005 with a collection of distinctly modern pieces that quickly gathered a cult following.

“Hannah shares the same sense of integrity and understanding of technique that I look for in antique pieces,” says Teakle. “Albeit with an edge and freshness that I hope will excite younger collectors.”

Their friendship has resulted in a collaborative piece, combining the old and new to exquisite effect. Teakle presented Martin with an 18th-century onyx cameo, a Greek Revival depiction of Aphrodite, and gave her free reign to create around it. From there, Martin transformed the cameo into a pendant, dramatically suspended in seemingly fluid ribbons of rose gold bound with white diamonds.

Melding three different time periods—Greek Antiquity, the 18th century, and today—the pendant epitomizes the timeless nature of high jewelry. At once precious and bold, the necklace manages to speak to seasoned jewelry lovers and novices alike. The inherently collectible piece will make its debut at the Spring Masters show, held in New York’s Park Avenue Armory this weekend. While the one-of-a-kind jewel is sure to go fast, Teakle will be displaying a selection of Martin’s eponymous collection alongside his antique pieces during the show and at his store through May.

Spring Masters is May 6–9 at the Park Avenue Armory; 643 Park Ave.; Simon Teakle, 4 Grigg St., Greenwich, CT; 203-769-5888;