Polishing a Gem: New Bergdorf and Gemfields Collection

Courtesy Paul Morelli

The recently renovated Bergdorf Goodman jewelry salon adds color with its new collection.

For 114 years, Bergdorf Goodman’s ground floor has been a New York institution for those after an exquisite stone. But even legends can use a refresh. The recently renovated jewelry salon is a study in luxe—all pearl gray and marble, accessorized with antique mirrors and Sputnik chandeliers—and includes a new private viewing room for an intimate shopping experience. To celebrate, Bergdorf collaborated with colored-stone-purveyor Gemfields on a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces using Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. With designs from the likes of Verdura, Paul Morelli, Nikos Koulis, and Kimberly McDonald, the collection, available December 3, is a survey of jewelry-design stars, both established and new. 

A Paul Morelli emerald-and-diamond ring, $175,000. bergdorfgoodman.com.