Why I Wear What I Wear: Martial Vivot

Ben Hoffmann

With the opening of his eponymous men’s-only New York salon, the master barber waxes poetic on the rituals of grooming.

Squeaky Clean

“I like old-fashioned soap. Santa Maria Novella Sapone al Melograno bar, sold at my salon, is my favorite because it is milled excessively, so it’s really milky.”

Nosing Around

“Fragrances are like moods: Every day brings something different. My favorites are Frédéric Malle’s Vétiver Extraordinaire and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. I’m also crazy about the Eau d’Italie that we sell at the salon.”

Rebel, Rebel

“I think the pillow is sometimes the best hairstylist—just wake up and spray with Phyto Phytolaque. It’s made with vegetable lacquer, so it’s quite soft. There should be a rough and a slick side to every man.” phyto-usa.com for stores

The Right Scruff

“I don’t shave that often. I trim for a five o’clock shadow. It makes me look skinny, and it’s all about looking skinny for me.”

Clean Cut

“The perfect shave is about the preparation. I use Santa Maria Novella shaving foam—the one in the can.” 212-925-0001; lafcony.com

Happy Feet

“I’m on my feet all day, so I wear Repettos. Serge Gainsbourg, who is a god to me, used to wear them. They are really dancers’ shoes, but I do perform all day around my clients.” 212-242-3414; earnestsewn.com

Decisions, Decisions

“I like wearing suits. If it’s summer and I’m feeling gutsy, I go for the shorts suit by Band of Outsiders, and other days I always like the sleek silhouette of Dior Homme. It’s the peacock in me.” bandofoutsiders.com. diorhomme.com

Martial Vivot is located at 39 West 54th Street (212-956-2990; martialvivot.com).