Today’s State of Consumerism

A few thoughts on the current state of consumerism.

“We’re more aware of how products fit into our lives: Will this last? Do I connect to it? I call it ‘conscious consumption.’” —DeeDee Gordon, trend forecaster

“We have not changed who we are. We are 102 years old and know this too shall end.” —Burt Tansky, president and CEO, Neiman Marcus

“This consumer will no longer be duped by overnight designer brands and companies that lack provenance.” —Tyler Brule, writer

“Luxury—at its core—means excellence.” —Umberto Angeloni, CEO, Caruso

“Sometimes shopping is forced upon you; it’s literally being jammed down our throats. It was time for some insurgent behavior.” —Tom Sachs, artist

“Now we can define the difference between a ‘self-purchase’ and a ‘selfish purchase.’“ —Mindy Grossman, CEO, HSN

“The larger issue is that of value. When choosing between a $12 shirt and a $50 shirt, you have to feel the difference. We don’t expect to buy it for nothing, but what we’re buying must be worthy of the cost.” —Paco Underhill, author

“How has shopping changed? It hasn’t.” —Peter Marino, architect

“Things that make us feel—more elegant, more comfortable, thinner—are what’s compelling now.” —Linda Fargo, senior vice president, Bergdorf Goodman

“The customer isn’t willing to lower the quality of what they are buying. They want investments—things that will last.” —Claudio del Vecchio, chairman and CEO, Brooks Brothers