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Lapo Elkann

After a rough year of scandal and soul-searching, the prince of Fiat and grandson of Gianni Agnelli opens his closet doors and proves that reinvention is easy—with the right wardrobe, of course.

Perfectly Packed


Perfectly Packed

Troubadour’s Embark Duffle is the unintentional diaper bag of your dreams.

Design as Destiny


Design as Destiny

Jean Servais Somian turned to art in times of hardship — and now he’s thriving.

Turn It Up


Turn It Up

The Bang & Olufsen Beogram turntable.

Well Suited

"I am lucky because I can— and I like to—mix the beautiful Caraceni jackets I inherited from my grandfather with a pair of Tsubi jeans or wear a favorite pin-striped suit from him for more formal occasions. I’m crazy about pinstripes and vintage fifties fabrics. The suit I am wearing is made from a vintage striped fabric." Sartoria Domenico Caraceni, 24 Via Palestro, Milan; Tsubi, 219 Mulberry St., New York;

Focal Point

"Sunglasses are part of a new project of mine called Italia Independent. There are currently two styles: Niro, a classic avia- tor, and Sever, an oversize wrap made from carbon fiber that can be personally inscribed on the inside temples. Italia Independent will include ventures associated with the arts, design, fashion, and issues of the world. You will have to wait to find out about the rest…." Italia Independent,


"I need to make things mine. It annoys me to buy something that is imposed on me. When I have a suit made, I go to the Sicilian tailor Alessandro Martorana in Turin. I like shorter jacket sleeves and often fold the cuffs up. It’s more modern that way." Alessandro Martorana, 39-347/265-0220;

Personal Touches

"I have the Italian flag embroidered onto all my dress-shirt cuffs. I am very proud to be Italian."


"A pocket square must always—always—be white and a bit wild. If it is too prepared, it is tacky."

The Skinny

"I don’t always wear a tie. It depends on how I feel. I like the handmade ones from Finollo in Genova, but a favorite of mine is by the Neapolitan tiemaker Eugenio Marinella. It is blue silk with a little red corno [Italian horn] on it for luck." Finollo, 39-010/562-073. E. Marinella, 287 Riviera di Chiaia, Naples;

Waist Management

"Most of my belts are custom. I like inventive, unusual ones and I love the buckles from jeweler Ugo Cacciatori, like the chrome one he made for me." Ugo Cacciatori,

Head to Toe

"For socks, I go to Gallo and Paul Smith." Gallo, 63 Via Vittoria, Rome; 39-06/3600- 2174. Paul Smith, 142 Greene St., New York;

Sole Man

"Pairing a suit with my John Lobb custom motorcycle boots adds an edge. For a more traditional look, I like leather or suede brogues and boots handmade by Marini in Rome. I also like suede Car Shoes in vivid colors such as sky blue, purple, and green." John Lobb, 680 Madison Ave., New York; Marini, 97 Via Francesco Crispi, Rome; Car Shoe, 1 Via Della Spiga, Milan; 39-02/798-345.


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