Kiton’s $870 Jeans

There are $50 jeans, $350 jeans, and up it goes. Kiton CEO Antonio De Matteis presents his case for a suitmaker’s classic denim.

The Material

Kiton’s denim is made in Japan, which it calls the world’s best. It’s produced from organic cotton on antique, labor-intensive looms.

The Buttons

Unlike traditional fasteners, Kiton’s buttons, which are coated with red enamel, swivel as the jeans move, providing added flexibility.

The Fit

The brand offers two fits: the European slim-cut and the relaxed, roomier American. “We don’t do skinny or wide-leg or boot,” De Matteis says. “We offer two very classic styles—both are a gentleman’s fit.”

The Stitching

The jeans are double-stitched and reinforced at stretch points at Kiton’s factory in Arzano, just outside Naples. “It’s not a heavy denim,” says De Matteis, “but the stitching makes it strong.”

The Color

“The dye we use on our jeans is 100 percent organic,” says De Matteis.

The Wash

Each season Kiton creates up to eight original washes—the process involves applying dyes and abrasives to create colors from dark denim to faded indigo. The result is a palette of blue washes exclusive to Kiton.

The Cuffs

In addition to adding a splash of Kiton’s signature red, the cotton tape along the jeans’ interior hem lessens the typical fraying and wear of the cuffs.

The Closing Argument

“We didn’t make jeans because we thought they were the next wave,” says De Matteis. “We offer them as a service to our clients. The Kiton consumer is a connoisseur, a gentleman, someone who wears a suit during the week but loves to throw on a beautiful cashmere sports coat with a pair of jeans on the weekend.”

Kiton cotton jeans, $870; 212-813-0272