Davide Cenci’s New Accessories

Michael Turek

P.C. Progeny, a new collection of ties and cuff links from Davide Cenci and his son, Paolo, proves that chic is in the family DNA.

When he was in fourth grade at Saint David’s School in New York, Paolo Costantino Cenci had a thing for Komodo dragons. But instead of asking his parents for one as a pet, he suggested that his father, third-generation Italian clothier Davide Cenci, stitch the green creature on a navy tie. Paolo distributed them to his classmates as gifts, and given his school’s strict jacket-and-tie dress code, they came in handy. That summer “it seemed the only word I heard all day was ‘respect, respect, respect,’” says Paolo, now 13. He sketched out the word in block letters on his computer and showed it to his father. By the time Paolo reached seventh grade, the elder Cenci thought his son was ready to go pro. They have since launched P.C. Progeny, a small collection of ties ($80 each) and cuff links ($100 a pair) emblazoned with Paolo’s inspirations—the Komodo dragon is still there, as is “respect” in capital letters, but there’s also a stick figure, the word “legendary” with an upward-pointing arrow and another style with multiple graffiti blotches. The Cenci legacy, begun by Paolo’s grandfather in Rome in 1926, is honored in the ties’ bright Italian silks, but instead of being sold in the family’s stores in the States and Italy, the P.C. Progeny collection is available only online. “This,” Davide points out, “is the next generation.” For details, go to pcprogeny.com.