Chen Shi-zheng

Taghi Naderzad

With the debut of his first feature film—Dark Matter, starring Meryl Streep— the opera, and now movie, director defends black on black.


“My sets are always filled with brilliant colors and eccentric characters, so wearing all black helps me stand out. I also travel a lot and don’t need to coordinate colors out of my suitcase.”


“I like Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein. They make unique minimalist clothes that aren’t easy to identify to a specific label. I’m also a big fan of Yohji Yamamoto for Y-3; it’s technically innovative and elegant. That is not easy to find.” Y-3, 917-546-8677.


“I love my Movado watch, my first automatic. It stops moving when I do and reminds me to stay on the go—a great tool to keep me constantly motivated.” Movado Museum watch, 888-466-8236


“In Asia we get foot massages often; in the West my feet don’t get pampered as much. Searching for the right mix between a dress and a sport shoe, I found Cole Haans with built-in Nike technology. I bought every style. I always say, when you find something you like, get a dozen.”


“I love Tumi and Longchamp for luggage, but for my briefcase I came across a brand called Tucano in Milan. It has a sleek design with no logos and the inside is lined in a beautiful imperial yellow. When I open it in a business meeting, I know it will be filled with bright ideas.”