Arbiter of Taste: Jeff Fox

I would bet that most successful men would say that how they look is a critical component of their success," says Jeff Fox, the haberdasher who's engineered the turnaround of Scott Hill, the clubby men's specialty store in Los Angeles. "It's our job to give them an identity through their wardrobe."

Strategically located between two power restaurants (The Ivy and Chaya Brasserie), Scott Hill caters to men who build their wardrobes as carefully as their portfolios. In Fox, who buys most of his merchandise from small Italian producers, they have a clothing counselor who understands their needs. For instance, if a customer were to buy a Kiton suit made of 14- or 16-micron wool, Fox and his sales staff would help coordinate it with not just the finest in handmade cotton dress shirts, but, say, Silvano Lattanzi crocodile shoes, Luciano Barbera pocket silks, and enamel cuff links from the store's private collection. "Most men don't have time to go to several stores to put together an outfit," Fox explains.

While most stores showcase designer clothes in separate boutiques, Scott Hill integrates its inventory. "We help our clients put together the best wardrobe for them," Fox says. And he does so on their schedule. "A lot of our business is done before or after regular store hours since most people want to be with their family on weekends. We understand how they live, which is why they continue to shop with us."

100 South Robertson Boulevard; 310-777-1190.