15 Cute Bikinis for the Sophisticated Vacationer

From bandeaus to halters, high-waisted bathing suits to tiny bikini bottoms, the season’s 15 hottest two-piece swimsuits for women.

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The younger sister of the elegant maillot, it’s easy to write off the bikini as flouncy and informal. This season, however, some of our favorite designers beg to differ, proving with a new set of styles that the oft-maligned two-piece can be as sophisticated as they come. From a hand-woven halter top by Tabula Rasa perfect for poolside relaxing to a supportive balconette from Flagpole well-suited to a day of surfing, a sensual but sensible high-waisted bikini from Dolce & Gabbana to a skimpy string bikini from Missoni, these two-piece swimsuits for women are just the things to maximize (safe) sun exposure during any winter getaway.