Why I Wear What I Wear: Fredrik Berselius

Meredith Jenks

The Brooklyn chef has a Michelin two-star restaurant and a logo-free wardrobe.

“When I’m cooking, I try to eliminate all the white noise, all the distraction,” says the 37-year-old chef of the moment. He’s talking about the recent culinary hype (and stars) around his 24-seat Williamsburg boîte, Aska. But this mindset extends from his Scandinavian-inspired plates to his sense of dress. Berselius, a Stockholm native, emphasizes the importance of considered design in his life in and out of the kitchen. “The details matter to me as much as the whole—the fabric, the texture. I dress monochromatically a lot, so it’s the nuances in the material or in the weave that make it distinct to me.”