Chanel's Traveling Runway

Seven memorable moments from Chanel's farflung fashion shows.

Han Myung-Gu / Getty Images
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These days, hosting a fashion show in a far-flung locale is almost to be expected (when a small, New York–centric brand like Public School takes to the runway in Dubai, such as for pre-fall 2016, you know you have a new norm). But one major house has been building catwalks and flying guests across the globe for years, arguably inventing the practice: Chanel. 

Chanel hosts its mainline shows (spring/summer, fall/winter) in Paris, but for the in-betweens—resort and pre-fall—Karl Lagerfeld and co. take off in their Gulfstreams and Global Expresses for places like Singapore, Venice, Miami, and today, Rome. One show is no less spectacular than the next (in the United Arab Emirates, Chanel actually built an island). In honor of this ultra-glamorous caravan, we've selected seven standout moments from Chanel's travels—from storied Salzburg to hyper-stylish Seoul and back again.