Bottega Veneta and the "Emotion of Sound"

Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

The Italian fashion house experiments with dance, sound, and shadow in a video and art installation celebrating the 2015 spring-summer collection.

In partnership with Tokyo-based dancers and Japanese artists, Bottega Veneta highlights its 2015 spring-summer collection with a brand-new video and an in-store installation.

Both projects take sounds collected at the fashion house’s atelier in Vincenzawhere the brand’s clothes and accessories are crafted, as their inspiration. The short film, created by director Yusuke Tanake with sound producer Setsuya Kurotaki and titled “Emotion of Sound,” opens with the soft swell of strings, which crescendos into the tones of artisans at work: rustles, snips, chimes, and clicks. “Sound can be a very intriguing sense, and just as the other senses, highly personal,” says Bottega’s creative director Tomas Maier. "It can convey a lot about its source and can trigger imagination unique to the individual.” The dancers’ movements punctuate the rhythms of these sounds, while their shadows broadcast their leaps and spins on the white walls behind them.

Along with reproducing the unique pattern of sounds captured in Italy, artist Daito Manabe’s immersive installation, which will run in Bottega’s Ginza, Tokyo, location from March 7–16, directly draws the viewer into the concepts explored in the video. Visitors’ shapes will appear on a blank screen in front of them and then, as they watch, morph into the dancing shadows of the performers.

According to Bottega, the collection was “influenced by dance and the idea of freedom in movement,” making the video and its installation a perfect showcase for the season’s items. Wearing Bottega Veneta’s dresses, skirts, pants, and sweaters, the dancers set shades of navy, mauve, and taupe into pulsing motion.

Watch the video here.

At 2-5-14 Ginza Chuo-Ku; 81-3/3538-3211.