New Collectibles: The Best Gold Watches for Men

Our meticulously curated selection takes you through the ten most covetable (and statement making) designs on offer.

Clockwise from top left: Vacheron Constantin / Cartier / Breguet / Rolex / Patek Philippe / Audemars Piguet
OF 11

There are watches, and then there are gold watches. It’s about as powerful a statement a man can make in this day and age without shouting his bank balance over a megaphone—and not just because of their price point. In short, you don’t walk into a room wearing one, it walks into a room wearing you. But like any statement piece, it’s about finding the right watch for the man. What may have only seemed like a handful of options to the ‘bonus boys’ on Wall Street not 20 years ago, is now a fascinatingly diverse field of options for every soon to be initiated Gold Member. From classics like Rolex to unconventional picks like MB&F, the ten we compiled here are some of the most intriguing gold watches for men available on the market today.