Traditional Beauty

Jewels by McTeigue & McClelland

After a chance meeting in New York's Diamond District, gem designer Tim McClelland and fourth-generation jeweler Walter McTeigue opened McTeigue & McClelland, a studio/store in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (Gump's in San Francisco and Bergdorf Goodman now carry some pieces). The atelier is alive with the sound of artisans perfecting their patented gold working techniques. The Dandelion choker, for example, is adorned with flowers made of paper-thin hand-hammered gold and green enamel "stems"; the Cane cuff is woven like wicker. "Traditional beauty is always our starting point," says McClelland. "Technically, a dandelion is just a weed, but with the right precious materials and craftsmanship, a weed can also be beautiful." Bracelet, $3,800, and choker, $25,000; 413-528-6262.