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Gehry-ing Up For Tiffany

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they call it the bilbao effect—architect frank gehry's ability to transform a long-ignored locale (in this case, the iberian port town; downtown los angeles) into a cultural destination. but can the pritzker prize winner, known for his use of corrugated cardboard and undulating panels of titanium and steel, work the same magic in tiffany silver? the venerable jeweler is showing a bold new collection designed by the architect for its manhattan, beverly hills, and tokyo stores. done largely in brushed silver, agate, and ebony, the pieces are unmistakably gehry. aficionados will recognize his self-proclaimed fish fetish in a pendant hung on silk cord; they'll no doubt "deconstruct" a gleaming silver cuff, seeing in it the panels of the walt disney concert hall. "i'm not the first architect to do jewelry," gehry says, singling out frank lloyd wright and alvar aalto. "it's in our dna since both architecture and jewelry are really about form, color, and complementary shapes. but i have to say i am fascinated with this new landscape of mine. it can take seven bloody years to finish a building. an earring can happen a lot quicker." next up from the man of steel? "diamonds, diamonds, diamonds." Tiffany & Co., 800-526-0649


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