Bali High

John Hardy's new fine-jewelry line

Luscious and yummy are words that come to mind when gazing at John Hardy's Cinta gems, the delectable fine-jewelry line recently created to complement his well-known signature designs. The collection, featuring precious and colored gemstones in one-of-a-kind pieces, started with a spessartite ring for Cynthia, Hardy's wife and business partner. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for Cynthia," says Hardy. "Without her I'd just be this guy by the side of the road with funny ideas in his head."

Those "funny ideas" have given birth to objets for the home as well as a wide-ranging line of silver and gold jewelry, all inspired by Bali's beauty and the creativity of the Balinese—the very things that led Hardy to choose Bali as his home nearly 30 years ago. In his Ayung River Valley workshop, which employs 600 Indonesians, "we celebrate Balinese craft," says Hardy. "Here there is a kinder and gentler view of manufacturing."

Kick cuff with rhodolite garnets, red sapphires, cinnamon diamonds ($15,000); rubellite and pink-sapphire earrings ($6,500); aquamarine ring with blue topaz and white diamonds ($8,900); spessartite ring with orange sapphires and cognac diamonds ($6,900); green tourmaline earrings with green sapphires, tsavorite, and cognac diamonds ($6,000). All in 18-karat gold; 866-454-2739.