All Over the Rainbow

Multicolored gems to spark your summer wardrobe

No need to wish upon a star for multicolored gems to spark your summer wardrobe. Even the most sophisticated jewelry designers understand that the season's soft-hued fashions can be deliciously accentuated by candy-colored pieces reminiscent of a tie-dye past but with an up-to-the minute elegance. Contributing to the fun: double-strand tourmaline necklace from Sabbadini ($6,000; 212-688-4012); sapphire and brown-diamond briolette necklace from Mish New York ($22,000; 212-734-3500); tourmaline necklace by Paloma Picasso, exclusively for Tiffany & Co. ($6,400; 800-526-0649); multistrand sapphire bead necklace from Stephen Russell ($25,000; 212-570-6900); 20-strand spinel bracelet from Verdura ($7,500; 212-758-3388 or 561-832-2662).