All That Glitters

The Paris-based Jean Grisoni first began working with precious metals when the French Mint commissioned a small collection of commemorative jewels. Grisoni, whose graphic design work can be seen in projects for clients such as Cartier, has been creating limited-edition bijoux ever since. His obsession with line and architecture is evident in the clean, sculptural pieces, as is the influence of what he calls his greatest inspiration, the Mediterranean. Recent items include a pendant of vintage hippopotamus ivory carved to resemble a ship’s buoy and a gold and gray-moonstone cuff held together by nylon thread reminiscent of fishing wire. "I am marked…by the simple, savage beauty of the Oran region," Grisoni writes of his native land—in northwest Algeria—in his book Around the Mediterranean. "The minimal is ingrained in me."

From $6,775 for the hippopotamus pendant to $23,000 for the green tourmaline ring. At Barneys, 888-222-7639, and Ibu Gallery, 33-1/42-60-06-41