It Took Four People to Get Alison Brie Into Her SAG Awards Dress

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

And she's partially sewn in.

Alison Brie makes looking red-carpet-ready effortless. But, the Glow star revealed it was no easy feat getting dressed for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. While she stunned in Fred Leighton jewels and a Miu Miu gown complete with a giant bow on the back, the actress said it took a team of people to get her into it.

“It was a four-person process, yes, to get into this beautiful Miu Miu dress,” the 36-year-old told PEOPLE on the red carpet. “I believe I am partially sewn in so tonight will be very interesting.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Steve Granitz/WireImage

Brie, who was eager to show off the bow to the reporters, explained that the reason for the army of helpers was due to the fact that “the bow sort of detaches and reattaches.” And although it was likely a sight to be seen getting into the couture dress, the five-time-nominate starlet said getting out of it will be even tougher.

“I have glimpses of me in a few hours with my husband just being like, ‘Get it off! Get it off me! Get me out of it!'” she said. “But for now, I am loving it.”

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Her husband, of course, is actor Dave Franco (brother to James Franco) and apparently a master when it comes to aiding in wardrobe mishaps. He was photographed helping Brie on the Golden Globes red carpet when her custom Vera Wang dress snagged on a bush.

“She got her dress caught in the bush and I went in and took it out of the bush and then it became a big thing,” Franco said during a TODAY show interview after the incident.  “I gotta look out for her. She put a lot of work into hair and makeup, and that dress. We gotta make sure she’s looking perfect. She looked beautiful that night.”