This 24k Gold Apple Watch Costs More Than a Car

Courtesy Goldgenie

And not just any car: A Porsche.

If you have a Porsche—or have ever dreamed about owning one—consider the fact that an Apple Watch just sold for the same amount of cash as the iconic car. Goldgenie, a UK-based business focusing on customized luxury gifts, just shared a look at its new 24k Gold Apple Watch Series 4.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, this line of watches is luxe. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, which was launched in 2018, the new design has a bigger display, an overall thinner silhouette, a faster processing speed, and a new set of electrical heart sensors, according to Luxury Launches. But the real draw is the rare materials that decorate the watch.

There are a number of options, for those looking to take their Apple Watch game to an unprecedented level: Supernova, Elite, Elite Exotic, Diamond Ecstasy, as well as a Milanese or Brilliance strap option. All versions come with an option of 24k Gold, Rose Gold, or Platinum.

While you can get away with spending as low as $2,600 for your custom watch, the Diamond Ecstasy watch will cost you $144,000. Considering a new Porsche 911 Carrera markets for $91,100, that’s quite the investment for your wrist.

Courtesy Goldgenie

You can get a closer look at the range of watches and learn more about their details in the video explainer. And if you’re in the market for a watch none of your friends will (likely) have, head to Goldgenie.