Extraordinary Museum Restaurants

Artful eateries that are known for gourmet cuisine and world-class chefs.

Courtesy RIJKS
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Once considered pit stops for refueling between exhibits rather than as standalone culinary destinations, museum restaurants have arrived. With more establishments utilizing fresh local ingredients and offering housemade and innovative menu items, it should come as no surprise that gourmands are flocking to institutions new and old to savor something other than art or history.

At The Broad, an alum of Thomas Keller’s kitchens has struck out on his own to define his personal style at Otium, a restaurant inside what’s undoubtedly L.A.’s hottest museum opening in years. And in Amsterdam, chefs are revitalizing Dutch culinary heritage while facilitating creative collaborations between influential international culinary talent.

Each of the restaurants on our list is a powerhouse—avant-garde menus, star chefs and world-class views are par for the course—but most important, the balance has shifted. They give the fine art in the hallowed halls that surround them a bit of healthy, and delicious, competition for attention.