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These professionals know their cities inside and out, which makes exploring with them a must.

Courtesy of Arthur Duncan
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Worldwide: Arthur Duncan

Part The Scarlet Pimpernel, part fairy godfather, Duncan hopscotches around the globe rarely pausing in any place for too long and achieving the seemingly impossible for his clients. An orchid-strewn Champagne lunch, with a gourmet meal served on top of the Great Wall of China while the world expert on Ming Dynasty ceramics gives a private talk? No problem. A swim with fresh-water pink dolphins in the Amazon? A cinch. But Duncan is no hands-off concierge. A charming companion, he will squire his guests personally, whether on a trip to the Venice Biennale or a jaunt around London. Rates start at $75; 49-170/533-0839; arthurduncantravel.com.