Elizabeth Bolognino

Photo by Adam Kane Macchia

Elizabeth Bolognino
New York, NY

Firm Description
Elizabeth Bolognino is known for a warm, yet refined sensibility in her signature "layered minimalism" style. Her interiors are a mix of contemporary and antique with a focus on timeless design. Having trained with renowned hospitality firm Yabu Pushelberg and Ralph Lauren, Bolognino can execute well-balanced interiors that push the envelope while respecting tradition. Her high-profile client list swings from musicians and artists to executives with current projects in New York, the Hamptons and Colorado.

Approach to Residential Design
The foundation of the designer's work always starts with function. She focuses on a relaxed but sophisticated space ideal for the modern lifestyle. She believes design is a narrative that intertwines the homeowner with history. Because an interior should reflect a client’s personality, listening and understanding are a significant aspect of the job. Bolognino uses this information to create a home that tells a story; there is intention behind every decision.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The designer asks clients to describe how they want their space to feel, which becomes the cornerstone for the project. She marries these descriptors with antique and modern pieces. "My goal is that someone doesn't immediately recognize whether a piece is contemporary or antique. I call this 'timely timelessness,' so an interior will never become too staid or overly nuanced," says Bolognino.

Work Influences
Bolognino derives inspiration from architects Arturo Casas and Richard Neutra, all types of music, and forms present in nature. She also enjoys learning from colleagues in interiors and vendors who often provide a different perspective and inject new products into her repertoire.

Year founded: 2011
Number of employees: 1
Services: Interior design and decoration services

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