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Courtesy of LG
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LG, 55-inch EM900 OLED

OLED might sound like the name of a Scandinavian fellow, but it is actually an acronym for organic light-emitting diode—a new technology that will likely help redraw quality standards for flat-screen TVs. But all you really need to remember is that OLED also means super-skinny; the depth of the 55EM900 is wafer-thin at 4 millimeters. It is also light, thanks to a carbon-reinforced plastic frame that keeps the total weight at 22 pounds. The tabletop version of this model is supported by clear plastic, so it appears to float in space in a darkened room. Picture quality is superb, with bright, saturated colors and the deepest blacks this side of the abyss. LG says it will deliver OLED by year’s end, so it may just be the TV of choice for Super Bowl XLVII come February. $10,000; lg.com.