Elegant Fragrance Boutiques

These leading haute perfumeries produce evocative scents that undeniably make their mark.

Courtesy of Campo Marzio, 70
OF 11

CampoMarzio70, Rome

Nestled in the heart of Rome, CampoMarzio70's Essential Gallery is at once a boutique, a gallery and an event space. Browse shelves stocked with brands like Casamorati 1888, Xerjoff and Odin New York, or attend one of the many events, including workshops highlighting the history of the art and techniques of perfume creation, sampling sessions and “olfactory aperitifs.”

Find: Arrange for a consultation in the special bespoke atelier upstairs. If you are pressed for time before a flight, CampoMarzio will provide airport transport straight from the boutique. Via Vittoria 52; 39-06/6979-7739; campomarzio70.it.