An Archaelogical Find in Greece

© Aristidis Vafeiadakis/ZUMA Press/Corbis

Last August, after two years of excavation in Amphipolis, in the Central Macedonia region of Greece, archaeologists revealed the largest monument ever found in the country, dating to the time of Alexander the Great. 

The structure’s original function remains a mystery, with experts theorizing that it could be anything from the Alexandrian Empire’s treasury to an occult Dionysian temple to the tomb of Alexander himself. Multiple chambers of unparalleled opulence, colorful mosaics, guardian sphinxes and massive caryatids add to the enigma of its nature. Before exploring the site, on Kasta hill, visit the Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis to brush up on 5,000 years of history—and to ask for directions.

Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis Serres Prefecture; 30-23220/32474