Cullman & Kravis

Photo by Elissa Cullman

Cullman & Kravis
New York City

Firm Description
In its 30th year, Cullman & Kravis has redefined its approach to the traditional interior, while respecting the firm's history. New materials and palettes have edited and distilled the firm’s designs to achieve a "modern traditional" aesthetic. Antiques complement modern art, custom furniture and exceptional textiles to create layered interiors that are not overly formal and comfortable. Recent projects include waterfront estates in the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Oprah Winfrey’s estate on Maui, a Georgian residence in Houston, a Colorado ranch, and a penthouse duplex in New York City. In 2013 The Monacelli Press published “The Detailed Interior, Decorating Up Close with Cullman & Kravis."

Approach to Residential Design
Cullman & Kravis' goal is to provide the finest design excellence and personal service through close collaboration with clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs, while adhering to established budgets. While elegance and practicality is C&K’s first objective, every home ultimately reflects the personality of the owner, so no two projects are alike.

"We are passionate about art and antiques, and obsessed with the details. The details define our projects, and are the unifying element of our work," explains cofounder Ellie Cullman.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Design chameleons, Cullman & Kravis avoid a signature style and embrace client preferences and project demands. They're passionate about all styles and materials, from traditional to modern furniture, folk to contemporary art, European to Asian decorative objects, and more.

Work Influences
Two years in Japan shaped Cullman's education and aesthetic vision. Learning the rigorous aesthetic tradition of a Japanese tea ceremony and flower arranging—in which arranging five chrysanthemums with an instructor took three hours—sharpened her eye and senses. She finds inspiration everywhere and believes anything might be a catalyst for a color, motif or pattern to incorporate into an interior.

Year founded: 1984
Number of employees: 18
Services: Full-service interior design

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