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The Transcendence of Scribe Winery’s Tasting Menu

Author Sloane Crosley on interesting eats and untying knots.


Wine and Spirits

The Sweet Escape

On the enduring allure of the tiki bar.


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Food writer, visual artist, and “Salad for President” creator Julia Sherman...

Highly subjective takes on life's most interesting experiences.

What’s the most unexpected meal you’ve ever had?

Probably the menu at Punk Royale in Stockholm. You really haven’t known awkwardness until a waiter has fed you a giant syringe of hot soup.

What’s the best-tasting food you’ve ever eaten?

This is a tie between any fruit in any market in Mexico City and the mole at Pujol, also in Mexico City. Also, lunch at a restaurant called La Marine in Normandy. I honestly can’t remember what I ate there but I remember being very happy about it. Finally, the tasting menu at Scribe Winery in Sonoma. The food is fresh and simple but that place is so magical; I’m sure eating Pringles would be a transcendent experience if consumed there.

What’s your most treasured personal ritual?

If we’re talking about a hotel room, I do this weird thing where I immediately open the closet and untie the belt on one of the bathrobes. I think it’s because they’re always knotted so tightly; I have this idea that I won’t want to bother with undoing them later, when I get out of the shower. But I will want the robe.


Wine and Spirits

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Wine and Spirits

The Sweet Escape

On the enduring allure of the tiki bar.

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Sloane Crosley Writer

Sloane Crosley is the author of several essay collections, including "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" and "Look Alive Out There," and the novel "The Clasp." Her new novel, "Cult Classic," is out now.

Hisham Akira Bharoocha Illustrator

Hisham Akira Bharoocha is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, New York, working across various mediums including large-scale murals, paintings, drawings, collages, audio/visual installations, and performances.


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