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IN THE KITCHEN, there’s nothing better than knowing you have the perfect tool for the job. And “perfect” needn’t always mean pricey. I will forever treasure certain trusty dollar-store finds, like the mint-green plastic mandolin that’s been with me for a decade, decisively slicing untold quantities of carrots and zucchini. But the more I expand my kitchen repertoire and elevate my dinner-party fare, the more I gravitate toward special, high-quality objects — the kind I’m proud to serve in, cook with, even display on my countertop. Whether I’m hosting friends or heating up leftovers for my kids, quality matters. Here are a few obsessions currently in my cart.

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Moser Cubism Crystal Tumbler

Moser, a Czech company that has been in business for over 150 years, is all but synonymous with luxury glasswork, and these stunning crystal tumblers, which come in light-catching gem colors, continue a tradition of cut glass that dates back to the 1930s. Unwind at the end of the day with a single malt whiskey in one of these, and you’ll feel like you’ve unlocked Don Draper–level cool. SHOP NOW

Shop at Our Place

Our Place Perfect Pot

This ingenious pot is called perfect for a reason. From the company that brought you the Always Pan comes a beautiful stovetop addition that can be used to boil, bake, steam, crisp, or reheat. (According to the Our Place site, this one replaces your “stockpot, dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, spoon rest.” Oh, is that all?) The pot comes in a range of pleasingly velvet, matte hues. I’m particularly partial to Spice, which looks like it belongs in Georgia O’Keeffe’s kitchen, and Sage, a rich green just begging to be used for a bright vegetarian soup. SHOP NOW

Shop at Smithey

Smithey Hand-Forged Iron Cookware

The greatest luxuries are often the simplest, like this iron cookware based on American blacksmith design from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Made in partnership with renowned Charleston blacksmith Robert Thomas Iron Design, this line of heirloom-worthy hand-forged cookware from South Carolina–based Smithey elevates everyday cooking and, crucially for me, lends a high-end cottagecore vibe to any kitchen. SHOP NOW

Shop at Gucci

Gucci Herbarium Teapot

I don’t always mind drinking tea out of a chipped “Best Mom” mug, but when I have company, it’s so satisfying to be able to break out a nice teapot. Imagine guests’ delight when you pour a cup of Earl Grey from this whimsical Gucci number made from ​white Richard Ginori porcelain. The toile design, inspired by vintage fabric, comes in a bright garden green or a sunny yellow, with a sleek black trim. If you’re feeling really splashy, spring for the creamer, sugar bowl, cups, and saucers — and don’t forget to keep that pinky out while sipping. SHOP NOW

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Departures and American Express do not provide, endorse, or guarantee any of the items, and the sale of such items is governed by the third-party seller’s policies, terms, and conditions.

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