Café China

Murray Hill

Stylish husband-and-wife team Xian Zhang and Yiming Wang evoke a 1930s Shanghai salon, complete with brick-a-brack (vintage fan, bird cage, posters of retro femme fatales) in their charming powder-blue dining room. The menu offers Sichuan dishes that are more refined and less expected than those of the American-Chinese food canon: A cold appetizer of spicy diced rabbit studded with peanuts and scallion and chungking chicken showered in dried chilies and sesame seeds are regular favorites, but their ma-po tofu (covered in an excellently addictive Sichuan peppercorn sauce), cumin lamb, and steamed whole fish with ginger and scallions are not to be missed.

Café China
13 E. 37th St.New York, NY United States