Casa de Pasto

Cais do Sodre
Modern Portuguese

It was not always easy to find a great meal in party-heavy Cais do Sodre, but this all changed in 2013 when Casa de Pasto opened a kitschy restaurant (there’s a big plastic pig hanging from the ceiling) right by the city’s famous Pink Street. The kitchen is known for turning out clever updates on traditional ingredients like cured mackerel with toasted onions or pata negra paired with tart orange creme. The lower-level bar is the perfect post-dinner pit stop before braving the neighborhood’s crowd of rowdy revelers.

Casa de Pasto
Rua de São Paulo 20Lisbon, Portugal

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This uber-popular riverside food hall houses stalls from the country’s hautest chefs all under one roof.
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The 30-minute detour to this long-standing favorite is necessary for two reasons: The food and the best views of the capital, especially at sunset.
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There are a lot of tried-and-true taverns in Lisbon, but this old-school spot is the ultimate stop for fresh, simply prepared shellfish.

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As the name suggests, Kiko Martins’ second Lisbon restaurant focuses on Peruvian cuisine, especially fresh, flavorful ceviches.
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This restaurant without a menu gives diners the choice between two different multicourse tasting menus—the rest is a surprise from start to finish.
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The sexy stone and dark-wood dining room is the perfect home for celebrity chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s take on modern Portuguese cooking.
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Chef Jose Avillez’s whimsical creations make Lisbon’s only Michelin two-star restaurant as popular today as it was when it opened in 2012.
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