Cais Pimenta Rosa

Cais do Sodre
Gourmet Shop

This gourmet shop in Cais do Sodre—the retail satellite of a restaurant in Campo de Ourique—is full of design personality, from the eye-catching teal cupboards used to present the merchandise to the group of mix-and-match chandeliers to the wrought-iron staircase that leads to the wine-focused mezzanine. There’s a lot of product here, but most are sourced from artisanal producers, like almonds from Moncorvo in the Douro, spicy canned sardines from Porthos, and fruit jams from Casa do Vale. Craft breweries and distilleries are beginning to take off in this country so while there’s a significant collection of wine in the store, small-batch beers and gins are worth a look, too.

Cais Pimenta Rosa
Travessa Corpo Santo 15Lisbon, Portugal

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