Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel


Afternoon tea at the historic Mount Nelson Hotel–which Winston Churchill once dubbed “a most excellent and well-appointed establishment”–is tradition for well-heeled Capetonians and in-the-know visitors who are likely to socialize and people-watch for hours at “the Nellie” on a lazy afternoon. Tea can be taken in the lounge, on the terrace, or in the garden around the fountain where John Lennon once strolled. The formal afternoon tea offers an impressive spread of delicacies including cheese cake, chocolate cake, macaroons, lemon meringue, and savory finger foods such as roast beef and salmon sandwiches. And, of course, an endless supply of coffee, hot chocolate, and premium teas, presented by your waiter in a sea-through tea pot.

Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel
76 Orange St.Cape Town, South Africa