Cities of Tomorrow

How today's most creative urban experiments are mapping the way to our future utopias.

Ilya Ivanov / Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
OF 20

Moscow, Russia

In the modern media age, cities with reps as dull or dreary are in danger of lagging behind. Per­haps no capital has more of an image problem than Moscow—but no city is doing more to change that. The poster child for its transformation from chilly and grim to chill and sexy is the revived Gorky Park, which has increasingly become the place boho-chic fashionistas go to see and be seen. But the rest of the city still has some catching up to do: As writer and blogger Andrew Ryvkin says, the park remains an isolated isle of style, “like Copenhagen in the middle of Karachi.”

$14.7 billion: Estimated net worth of Roman Abramovich, the money behind Gorky Park.